Will Kyrie Irving's LeBron-like leadership pay off in the long run?

Will Kyrie Irving's LeBron-like leadership pay off in the long run?

It’s been a rollercoaster season for Kyrie Irving and the Celtics.

With Irving in the driver’s seat, the Celtics have had successful stretches – which was headlined by an eight-game winning streak – along with trying times. From the player’s only meeting that took place directly after a loss to the Bucks to the current four losses in seven games, Irving has had a lot to say about his team’s struggles.

He’s held his teammates accountable, reiterated his greatness and responsibility as the team leader while also explaining what his team needs to work on time and time again. Irving sounds awfully familiar, feels like we’ve seen another leader lead in a similar manner.

“Are you saying Kyrie Irving is a mini-LeBron?” Patrick Gilroy asked Josue Pavon on the newest episode of the Banner 18 podcast.  

“It’s legit verbatim LeBron James,” Pavon said. “You can pull up an old scrum, press conference from a couple of years ago and you would hear the exact same language.”

The Cavaliers had plenty of turmoil throughout the LeBron and Irving era. Still, James always got the best out of his teammates in the end – which resulted in one championship in three straight trips to the NBA Finals.

So maybe hearing Irving lead the Celtics the way he was led in Cleveland isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just the irony of the situation that makes Irving’s situation in Boston so interesting.

 “What surprises me is after four or five years of hearing that in his ear from LeBron James, what happened? He had to get the hell out,” Gilroy explains. “He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to leave Cleveland because of the same thing you’re saying right now – the different set of rules for the other guys.”

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