Why Dale & Keefe feel confident about Celtics beating Bucks

Why Dale & Keefe feel confident about Celtics beating Bucks

By Mateo Aycardi

The Celtics suffered a tough Game 2 loss on Tuesday, as the Bucks evened up the Eastern conference semifinals at one.

Despite this, Dale Arnold and Rich Keefe voiced their optimism for the Celtics, both giving them a good chance of advancing to the Eastern conference finals.

“I think it’s probably easier to bounce back from a game like this,” Keefe said. “I mean we just saw the Bucks do it, right? The Bucks got blown out of their own home court and they got back into it.”

“Kyrie Irving will not have a game like that again in the playoffs,” Arnold noted. “They went to Milwaukee, they got what they needed, they got the split and took home court advantage back. And they’re going to play great in the two games at home. I mean they play great here anyway.”

Now that the Celtics and the Bucks come back to TD Garden on Friday, both hosts feel they have what it takes to move on.

“With the Celtics, you have to say: Is it going to be Jaylen Brown tonight? Is it going to be Jayson Tatum? Is it going to be Gordon Hayward? Is it going to be Al Horford?,” Keefe said. “And so on the one hand you have great depth, but if Kyrie doesn’t get going then you’re in trouble.”

“And it’s the same thing for Milwaukee,” Keefe added. “Giannis basically has to get 30, but then those next two guys like [Eric] Middleton and Eric Bledsoe [need to step up]. You can’t rely on those guys like [Nikola] Mirotic or [Brook] Lopez or [Ersan] Ilyasova. … It might be as simple as if Eric Bledsoe scores 20 they win, if he scores five then they lose. If Bledsoe can take that game and bring it to Boston, which he certainly couldn’t do last year in the playoffs, then the Celtics might be in for it.

“But if he struggles like he normally does, I think just Giannis and Middleton is not going to be enough.”

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