What Jayson Tatum plans on changing this season

What Jayson Tatum plans on changing this season

As analytics become more important in the NBA, the mid-range jumper seems to be less valued. Why shoot a two from 15 feet when you can take a few steps back for a three or drive and draw a foul or finish at the rim, right? But the mid-range jumper has always been something the best scorers have at their disposal. It helps open up the three and the lane for the individual, as well as their teammates.

For Jayson Tatum, it seemed to become even more important in his sophomore campaign after working with Kobe Bryant for the summer. Which is why his comments from Celtics Media Day about driving to the rim at a higher frequency and shooting more threes were somewhat of a surprise.

It sounded like mid-range attempts were going to be a non-factor for Tatum in 2019-20.

Well, that’s not about to happen. Tatum has no intention of eliminating his mid-range jumper.

“I mean, I ain’t forgot about it,” Tatum told WEEI.com after the second day of Celtics Training Camp. “It’s just, shoot more threes, get to the basket, that kind of opens up the mid-range game. It makes it a little easier for you instead of just trying to start there you can get to the basket, free throws, now you’re loose, you got our rhythm and now you can get mid-range (shots) and threes.”

Shooting from deep more often and trying to get to the rack more frequently became a priority for Tatum because he identified he settled for mid-range attempts too often last season. But he’s not about to remove a portion of his game he’s become so comfortable with.

“I don’t want people to misconstrue and think like I don’t want to shoot (any) mid-range jumpers,” Tatum said. “I feel like I’m really, really, really comfortable and good at that, and now I’ll try to work on some other things that may not be as comfortable (with).”

Now it’s just a matter of Tatum knowing the right moments to pull up versus the times he needs to attack the basket.

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