Watch Isaiah Thomas react to trade: 'The city gonna be mad as [expletive]'

Watch Isaiah Thomas react to trade: 'The city gonna be mad as [expletive]'

Everybody knew that the Kyrie Irving to the Celtics trade damn near broke Isaiah Thomas’ heart. But The Players’ Tribune gave us all a visual of it in the fifth chapter of the Book of Isaiah II, a documentary of I.T.’s summer recovery, which dropped on Wednesday

“That’s crazy,” Thomas, with his suitcase on his doorstep after returning from vacation, says while holding his phone in his hand, presumably fresh off getting off the phone with Celtics president Danny Ainge. “What are you talking about? My kids about to start school. Off the strength, after everything I went through, you’re not supposed to do that.

“But it’s… I mean, if that’s what he wants. Danny’s like that.

“I was hurt just because of everything that I’ve done for them. Everything that I went through, and continued to do for them when I could have just called it quits, gone home, and ended my season. I gave my heart to that city and organization.” 

Traded for the third time in his NBA career, acknowledging the ‘I gotta go through again?’ aspect of the deal to his family and friends, the 28-year-old Thomas seemed to warm up on the idea of the trade as it became a reality, knowing the chance he had with the Cavaliers. 

“I’m not tripping. It’s just crazy that they would do that. Like, I’m not mad,” Thomas, unable to sit still, says. “I would be mad if I went to a weak-ass team. It’s like, we gonna win the Finals anyway.

“But it’s like damn, after all I do for… the city gonna be mad as f–k.”

There’s been little anger from the Green’s diehards thus far, however, as the Celtics have cruised out of the gate with an East-leading 26-7 record.

But Thomas may get his first chance to anger the Boston crowd when the Cavaliers come to Boston on Jan. 3, and with Thomas, who has targeted early January for his return to meaningful NBA action, potentially in the lineup. 

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