Vincent Poirier illustrates what he’ll bring to Celtics

Vincent Poirier illustrates what he’ll bring to Celtics

For all the question marks surrounding the Celtics at training camp, Vincent Poirier might be the greatest unknown of them all.

He’s played in the NBA Summer League a couple times, but never played professionally in America outside of those opportunities. The French import played for Baskonia in Liga ACB — Spain’s top pro league — the past two seasons. Other than some highlights on YouTube, there isn’t any easily accessible video from that experience.

Poirier did play for France in the 2019 FIBA World Cup. Based on what he did throughout that experience: he runs well for a big, rebounds well on the offensive glass and throws down. He also didn’t look good on the pick and roll defensively and had little-to-no offensive moves. All of Poirier’s offense came from roughly five feet and in.

But when you fast forward to the first day of Celtics Training Camp, the big man was drilling shots left and right from the corner.

Whether or not Poirier will shoot threes in the game doesn’t matter. The fact he’s able to further emphasize how little is known about him.

At Celtics Media Day, Poirier tried to give everyone a better idea of what he hopes to do in Boston.

“I’m a team player. I like to play for the team,” he said. “I like to (set) good screens for (a) shooter. . . I like to do the dirty jobs. (Get) some rebounds, block shots, run the floor, (set) good screens for everybody. (Those will be) my contributions (to) this team.”

Depending on what his man-to-man and pick-and-roll defense looks like after a few weeks with Brad Stevens and the coaching staff, Poirier could be an old school role guy the Celtics absolutely need. There have to be guys who don’t feel the need to score — but can still do so when asked.

Another good sign when it comes to Poirier: he made sure to pick Rudy Gobert’s brain when playing alongside the back-to-back NBA Defensive Player of the Year during the FIBA World Cup.

“He helped me a lot,” Poirier said of the Utah Jazz center. “We talked a lot about the NBA, the NBA (on) defense and (about) the transition because it’s a big step going to the NBA.”

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