Vincent Poirier, France inch past Daniel Theis, Germany

Vincent Poirier, France inch past Daniel Theis, Germany

Vincent Poirier may have put up the better offensive numbers and helped France knock off Germany, 78-74, but Daniel Theis had a big moment against his new Celtics teammate. Dennis Schroder found Theis with a lob in the fourth quarter, setting up for a slam and posterizing Poirier in the process.

Poirier was able to draw a foul on an attempt at the rim soon after, but he couldn’t top Theis’ big play.

That being said, Theis didn’t log many minutes and Poirier did fairly well coming off the bench. Theis was in foul trouble throughout. He was great on the glass (eight rebounds in almost 12 minutes), and managed to agitate Rudy Gobert — whatever that’s worth — but if he’s getting in foul trouble during a FIBA game, which allows for more physical play, then he’s definitely going to run into problems when the Celtics get going.

Now, Poirier has been advertised as an athletic, defensive-minded big man. Yet, he only had one defensive rebound. He just wasn’t attacking the ball and kept allowing his teammates to come down with the rebounds.

Furthermore, Poirier’s help D was not good. He was fine defending his man one-on-one in the post, but he was like a swinging gate when his teammates got beat on the drive.

Offensively, Poirier absolutely moves around well. He scored on a tip slam and threw down a dunk in transition.

Poirier finished with nine points on 3 of 4 shooting (3-for-3 from the free-throw line) and had four rebounds (three offensive) in just over nine minutes.

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