'Uncle Drew' will make cameo in Pepsi's Super Bowl LII ad

'Uncle Drew' will make cameo in Pepsi's Super Bowl LII ad

Boston will be well-represented in Super Bowl LII, even when the Patriots are on the sidelines, as Kyrie Irving’s alter ego, an elderly man that goes by Uncle Drew, will be among the the many celebrities featured in Pepsi’s ad set to air during the game.

Video of Pepsi Generations “This is the Pepsi” | Pepsi | Extended

This ad is the start of what should be a busy year for Uncle Drew, with Pepsi helping produce the Uncle Drew movie due to come out later this season (this plot seems utterly insane), and with Drew’s Celtics squad poised for a potential deep playoff run.

While the Uncle Drew character is not the focal point of this commercial, it’s worth noting that this is irving’s second somewhat major commercial appearance since joining the Celts, as he teamed up with teammate Jayson Tatum and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for a Nike ad earlier this season.

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