The important lesson Jayson Tatum took from Gregg Popovich

The important lesson Jayson Tatum took from Gregg Popovich

Each of the four Celtics who played under Gregg Popovich for Team USA this summer has had nothing but good things to say about the San Antonio Spurs coach.

One would think they all could have learned something from the five-time NBA champion. Jayson Tatum, in particular, took a major lesson from the experience — one that should help the Celtics immensely.

“The thing I talked about with Pop a lot was being able to dominate and have an impact on the game without necessarily scoring,” Tatum said at Celtics Media Day. “Everybody has off nights, but how can you still find a way to be super dominate and affect the game in a positive way. And just making quicker decisions, playing faster, just getting to the basket more and not trying to settle.”

Impacting games without scoring. That’s one way for Tatum to take the next step toward superstardom.

Furthermore, Tatum has put an emphasis on getting to the rack at a higher rate, which he did plenty with Team USA before his ankle injury. From the sounds of it, Tatum is going to cut down on the mid-range shooting.

“Getting to the basket much more and shooting more threes,” he said. “Three and layups. And free throws. If you want to be a great scorer in this league, you got to get to the line. Free throws (are) super important. Getting to the basket and that opens up the rest of the game. . . Threes are worth more than twos.”

Everything seems to indicate the third-year wing will look much different than he did last year.

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