Terry Rozier has brilliantly used Drew Bledsoe to turn himself into national phenomenon

Terry Rozier has brilliantly used Drew Bledsoe to turn himself into national phenomenon

Terry Rozier’s breakout postseason performance would be a big local story under any circumstances. The third-string point guard has filled Kyrie Irving’s shoes and helped lead the undermanned Celtics all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. But Rozier –– I’m sorry, “Scary Terry” –– is now a national phenomenon. And it all started because he got Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe’s name wrong. 

Welcome to 2018, where ridiculousness is embraced. 

Early on in the Celtics-Bucks series last month, Rozier accidentally referred to Bledsoe as “Drew Bledsoe,” the name of the former Patriots quarterback. From there, Bledsoe said he didn’t “know who the f—” Rozier was. The apparent animosity carried over to Game 5, when the two started shoving each other on the court. Rozier continued to outplay Bledsoe, and at the end of the series, the beef was squashed.

But Rozier, who has his own personal clothing line, wisely didn’t let the marketing opportunity slip away. He showed up to Game 1 against the Sixers wearing an old-school Patriots Drew Bledsoe jersey. Instantly, the Bledsoe jersey experienced a resurgence. As of last week, some Bledsoe jerseys from the 90’s were even going for more money than Tom Brady regalia on eBay. 

Bledsoe hasn’t let the publicity pass, either. Prior to Game 2, he posted a picture of himself on Instagram rocking a “Scary Terry” t-shirt. The Celtics welcomed Bledsoe to the T.D. Garden for Game 5, where he met Rozier prior to tip-off. The ex-Patriots quarterback, decked out in a Rozier jersey, made an appearance at the podium after the game. He hinted his Washington-based wine company may produce a Rozier-inspired wine with “great finish.” 

Social media, predictably, went crazy. 

Rozier and Bledsoe have played up their newfound connection perfectly. It’s based off a silly verbal faux pas that gained traction, because inanity gets clicks. So they’ve played into it, wearing each other’s shirts and finally meeting each other at the Garden Wednesday. The Celtics have invited Bledsoe to all of their home games against the Cavaliers, so there will likely be more viral moments involving the two.

Meanwhile, Rozier keeps delivering for the Celtics on the court. He dropped 17 points in their clinching Game 5 win, including a buzzer-beating three-pointer to end the first half. Rozier has made a lot of money for himself as a basketball player over the last month. But his brand has exploded as well. 

Seemingly everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame in today’s world. Rozier has played his perfectly. 

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