Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix isn't buying Kyrie Irving to Knicks just yet

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix isn't buying Kyrie Irving to Knicks just yet

In recent days, there has been a lot of speculation that Kyrie Irving will opt out of his deal with the Celtics and sign with the Knicks.

Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria on Tuesday, SI’s Chris Mannix isn’t buying it — just yet.

“I don’t know anything that involves Kyrie Irving is a done deal because he has one of the smallest inner circles of anyone I’ve ever covered,” he said. “His inner circle is basically his father. That’s who really knows what’s going on with Kyrie Irving. All throughout the last few years, the one thing the Celtics have done right, is also what Toronto has done right with Kawhi (Leonard) it is what Oklahoma City did right with Paul George – different situations, but they treated Kyrie Irving like a franchise player. And they can (inform) him, not neccesarily day-to-day of what they are going to do, but they made sure he was aware of what their process was going to look like and what they want the team to look like.

“The Anthony Davis stuff, it is still a monster variable in all this. We are going to learn a lot more about the future of everyone after (Tuesday). If you’re a Celtics fan, worst-case scenario is the Knicks get No. 1 because if the Knicks get No. 1, it presents them with the opportunity to pair a former Duke player in Kyrie Irving with Zion Williamson, who everybody pegs as the next superstar, or take him and flip him for Anthony Davis. I think that is the first domino to watch with Kyrie Irving, how the draft order looks after (Tuesday).”

New York did not get the No. 1 pick, instead they got the No. 3 pick, with New Orleans landing at the top.

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