Ray Allen details feud with Rajon Rondo, Boston exit in new biography

Ray Allen details feud with Rajon Rondo, Boston exit in new biography

Former Celtic and two-time NBA champion Ray Allen is a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame later this year, and his upcoming biography “From the Outside: My Journey through Life and the Game I Love” (due out in a couple of weeks) will surely document everything that helped make him one of the greatest shooters in NBA history.

But in Boston, it’ll be straight skimming until we get to the juicy parts of Allen’s obvious fallout from the Celtics.

And if the teasers released thus far have told us anything, it’s that Allen’s Boston exit in 2012 should be looked back on as anything but shocking.

Off to a rocky start in Boston given the dominating nature of Kevin Garnett’s personality (Allen wrote that Garnett once told him to stop dribbling inside the locker room and publicly insisted he was a better tipper than Allen at restaurants), it was due to an increasingly hostile relationship with point guard Rajon Rondo that clearly made the veteran Allen uncomfortable.

While Allen is unable to pinpoint exactly what happened to make Rondo dislike him (he once considered himself to be a mentor to Rondo), their problems seemed to start around 2009 when they were almost traded to Phoenix in exchange for Amar’e Stoudemire due to Celtics president Danny Ainge’s problems with Rondo. Problems that Allen encouraged Rondo to sort out with Ainge before it was too late. Rondo’s apparent problems with such advice did not come to a head until a team meeting during the 2010-11 season. It was in that meeting that Rondo claimed he ‘carried’ the Celtics to a title in 2008, and led to a secondary argument between Rondo and Allen, complete with Rondo bringing up that near-trade.

Allen then told Rondo, “None of us had issues with you.” And according to Allen, Rondo said to him, “You did, too. You told me I was the reason we were going to be traded.”

From there, the relationship only worsened.

And as more near-trades involving both Allen (almost traded for O.J. Mayo and with talks intensifying to the point where Ainge told Allen he was on the move) and Rondo (involved in trade talks for Chris Paul during the NBA lockout) came, and with Rondo’s inability to emerge as the leader he thought he was clearly frustrating an aging C’s core, it was obvious that this fractured relationship was never going to improve.

But it hit a true boiling point in 2012, when a postgame shouting match between Rondo and Allen (in the midst of losing his starting gig to Avery Bradley) came with Rondo throwing down the ultimate threat to No. 20’s future in town.

Allen claims that Rondo told him, “I’m going to get your ass out of here this summer.” Allen says that he later approached Rondo on the C’s team plane to see if the problem could be handled internally and without one of them having to leave town. Allen writes that Rondo instead turned a cold shoulder and further drove his endgame home, saying, “I got 11 games to play with you, and that’s it.”

That proved to hold true, but not before Ainge’s late attempts to keep Allen in town.

“So let me see if I got this straight,” Allen wrote when recalling Ainge’s tries to keep him in Boston before he ultimately chose to sign with the Heat. “You want to pay me less money. You want to bring me off the bench. You want to continue to run the offense around Rondo. Now tell me again exactly why I would want to sign this contract?

“I knew fans in New England wouldn’t be happy with my decision,” Allen, who won an NBA title with the Heat in 2013, added. “But I never could have imagined the degree of unhappiness… My sin was that I had the nerve to leave on my own.”

But, fittingly, with a little assist from Rondo.

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