Random FS1 guy Nick Wright: Celtics should be 'terrified' of Kyrie getting jealous of Tatum

Random FS1 guy Nick Wright: Celtics should be 'terrified' of Kyrie getting jealous of Tatum

All of the Kyrie Irving speculation appears to stem from his ambiguous answer to the New York Times about whether he wants to stay with the Celtics long-term. The often inscrutable point guard rambled about how enjoys “being present,” dangling the possibility that he could look to sign elsewhere in free agency next offseason.

On top of that, Irving shot down the possibility of re-signing with Boston this offseason, because it would cost him roughly $80 million. 

It’s important to recognize the genesis of the Kyrie chatter, because it helps put everything in perspective. Right now, there’s no reason to take any of this speculation seriously. The most ironclad report about Irving’s free agent plans is speculation from unnamed executives how he’s “expected to consider” the Knicks next summer. 


Last week, hot take monster Colin Cowherd lambasted Irving for not caring about winning, even though, um, he’s still one year away from free agency. Well, on Monday, fellow FS1 Take-o-saurus Nick Wright played armchair psychologist when discussing the seemingly unfounded Irving rumors. According to Wright, Irving is bothered by the attention granted to Jayson Tatum, because he reportedly never wanted LeBron James to rejoin the Cavs. In fact, Wright says the revelation should “terrify” Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens. 

“You cannot simply say Kyrie is the type of guy, ‘If we’re winning, he’ll want to stay, if it’s the best basketball situation for him, he’ll want to stay,’” Wright said. “When LeBron got there, Kyrie was 22 years old. Never been to a playoff game.”

There is some semblance of truth to that argument. Irving made it clear basketball wasn’t his only priority last summer. At Irving’s introductory Celtics press conference, he talked about the importance of growing off the court

But the situation in Boston is different. Irving, 25, isn’t in anybody’s shadow right now. When healthy, he’s a top-15 player in the league, and definitely one of the top pure scorers. As we’ve seen over the last month, he’ll be at the center of headlines as his free agency nears. 

The attention Tatum attracted last postseason doesn’t take away from that. Plus, Irving and Tatum just schooled a bunch of kids at their joint basketball camp. Their relationship seems fine.

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