Rajon Rondo on Celtics honoring Isaiah Thomas: 'What has he done?'

Rajon Rondo on Celtics honoring Isaiah Thomas: 'What has he done?'

It turns out Rajon Rondo, like Paul Pierce, is not an Isaiah Thomas Video Tribute Guy.

In Boston for the seventh time as a member of the opposition, the ex-Celtic did not hold back when analyzing I.T.’s worth or status as one of the franchise’s all-time greats.

“What has he done?” Rondo asked reporters when giving his take on the C’s honoring Thomas any night, according to Bill Doyle of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. Reporters then told Rondo about Thomas helping lead the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals, to which Rondo replied, “Oh, that’s what we celebrate around here?”

He wasn’t done. 

“This is the Boston Celtics. This isn’t the Phoenix Suns, no disrespect to any other organization, but you don’t hang conference titles. Do we hang going to the conference finals? What do we hang here?” Rondo continued. And when a reporter replied with the obvious answer to his question (title banners), Rondo decided to shut down any further analysis with a simple, “OK, cool.”

It’s without question some pretty direct commentary from the 31-year-old Rondo, who was a four-time All-Star and appeared in two NBA Finals (including winning a title as the team’s starting point guard in 2008) during his nine-year run with the Celtics.

That approach certainly seems to make sense given the brotherhood atmosphere that’s always been around any member of that 2008 C’s team, and how they feel that any and everybody needs to go above and beyond to deserve recognition in Boston. And it’s safe to assume that Thomas wanting a video the same night that the franchise honored undeniable 2008 team leader Paul Pierce and raised his No. 34 to the rafters (a request Thomas has since backed down from), probably bugged Rondo, too.

Rondo, for what it’s worth, received a video tribute upon his return to Boston in 2015.

Something Rondo can forever justify with a banner hanging from the rafters. 

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