NBA Playoff Power Rankings: Nobody saw the Celtics coming and now they're rolling

NBA Playoff Power Rankings: Nobody saw the Celtics coming and now they're rolling

By Danny Dragin

The conference semifinals are in full swing and some series qualify as surprises — how about those Celtics? — while others are progressing exactly as expected. Oh, and LeBron is in Beast Mode. Here are Danny Dragin’s playoff power rankings.

Eastern Conference

Toronto Raptors: (0) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: (2)

It’s looking more like it’s LeBron’s plan than God’s plan in Toronto and Drake is noticeably keeping his mouth shut besides his scuffle with Kendrick Perkins, who isn’t even playing. LeBron had a 26-point triple-double in Gamde 1 and then scored 43 points while being just two rebounds shy of a triple-double in Game 2. Kevin Love showed that he has some magic left in that one, scoring 31 points, and the Cavs look like they’re in peak playoff mode defensively, keeping DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry under 25 points in both games.

Prediction: Cavs in 6.

Boston Celtics: (2) vs. Philadelphia 76ers: (0)

I want to pretend I fully expected the Celtics to do as well as they’re doing, but they’ve exceeded essentially everyone’s expectations. Terry Rozier is putting on Kyrie-like performances, “Average Al” is looking more like “Actually really good Al”, Jayson Tatum is starting to make people question whether Ben Simmons really is Rookie Of The Year, and Jaylen Brown, despite his hamstring injury, has looked like Vince Carter with Tracy McGrady’s jumper. Also Brad Stevens continues to prove why he should be the Coach Of The Year.

Prediction: Celtics in 5

Western Conference

Houston Rockets: (1) vs. Utah Jazz: (1)

Donovan Mitchell is clearly a premiere scoring option in the playoffs after dismantling Russell Westbrook and the Thunder. Mitchell and Jae Crowder had 21 apiece in Game 1, although it wasn’t enough to stop James Harden, who had 41 points on his own. The Jazz managed to even things out Game 2 on the back of Joe Ingles, who had 27 points and went 7-9 from the 3-point line.

Prediction: Rockets in 7

Golden State Warriors: (2) vs. New Orleans Pelicans: (0)

What the Pelicans did in their series against Portland doesn’t seem to be enough to beat the Warriors. The Dubs had home court advantage and in Game 2 they got back their two-time MVP point guard, Steph Curry, who scored 28 points. The Pelicans still managed to hang up 116 on the Warriors, making you wonder how good this team could be if DeMarcus Cousins was in the lineup.

Prediction: Warriors in 6

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