Market taking shape for Celtics’ potential 2020 free agents

Market taking shape for Celtics’ potential 2020 free agents

An already lackluster 2020 NBA free agency class continues to shrink. And it’s not necessarily a good thing for the Celtics.

On Friday, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reported the Houston Rockets and Eric Gordon agreed to a four-year, $75.6 million extension. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Gordon will make $16.9 million in his first year and will progressively make more each season until he makes $20.9 million in the final year of the deal, which is non-guaranteed.

Between his last two seasons, Gordon has shot 35.9% from three, which is where he does most of his scoring in Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

Why does this matter to the Celtics?

Draymond Green signed a four-year, $100 million extension earlier this summer, now Gordon has his $75.6 million (of which, three years and $54.5 million is guaranteed). Throw in Caris LeVert’s three-year, $52.5 million extension and Jaylen Brown’s market is becoming clearer.

Brown may have shot below league average from three last year (34.4% versus 35.5%), but he made 39.5 percent of his long-range looks in 2017-18. If he gets back to a similar level of efficiency from deep, combined with his age and everything else he can do on the floor, Brown should command more annually than Gordon. But, he doesn’t deserve as much as Green — though Brown could creep closer toward his average annual value if the Celtics wing has a big 2019-20.

When Brown gets back from Team USA, the Celtics need to consider extension talks.

With regard to Gordon Hayward — he has a $34.2 million player option for 2020 — the impact isn’t quite as clear. Green makes $22.2 million in the first year of the extension and $27.6 in the final season. Gordon will make much less with the Rockets, rightfully so.

On the one hand, Hayward will be one of the best free agents out there should he not pick up his 2020 option. At the same time, even he turns into the old Gordon Hayward, teams probably won’t want to lock him up at such a high rate with the loaded 2021 free agency class upcoming. Yet, if he waits for 2021, Hayward may have a hard time finding the right deal.

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