Marcus Smart injury: Brian Scalabrine says it won't affect wins and losses vs. Pacers

Marcus Smart injury: Brian Scalabrine says it won't affect wins and losses vs. Pacers

The Celtics got some bad news this week when it was revealed Marcus Smart will miss 4-6 weeks with an oblique injury, but according to NBC Sports Boston’s Brian Scalabrine, it shouldn’t impact things too much in Round 1 against the Pacers.

“Probably not the first round,” he said Friday on Dale & Keefe. “It will affect the game, it will affect the play, it will affect their spirit, but I can’t see it actually affecting wins. If Victor Oladipo was playing we would have a real conversation. The guy is out. Indiana, they play hard. It goes really far in the regular season, but as far as in the playoffs you have to do more than play hard because everyone is playing hard. Everyone is prepared. Everyone is well coached.

“I don’t think it will affects wins and losses this round. If you want to have this conversation in two weeks before the Bucks, it will be a different conversation.”

As for the series, Scalabrine doesn’t believe the Pacers pose much of a threat.

“Very well organized team. Good defensively, but just not enough,” he said. “In the NBA playoffs the way you win is by having individuals that cause you to have to put two on him, or rotate two guys, or rotate out of the post. Whatever it may be. They don’t have a single offensive player that you’re not going to play straight up, which limits your rotation, which means everyone can stay home, which means you will get good defensive possessions and you don’t have to make adjustments per se as much as other people will have to make adjustments.”

Game 1 is set for Sunday afternoon at TD Garden.

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