Marcus Smart 'disgusted' Celtics haven't reached out regarding new contract

Marcus Smart 'disgusted' Celtics haven't reached out regarding new contract

A few days into NBA free agency, the Celtics haven’t reached out to guard Marcus Smart and that’s apparently upset the Oklahoma State product.

“He loves the Celtics, but with these crickets he’s hearing, he’s hurt and disgusted by it,” a source said to the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy.

The Celtics presented Smart with a $6.05 million qualifying offer on June 29 to retain matching rights, but even with numerous other deals being signed across the league there’s been nothing from the Celtics’ camp to Smart.

“He would have thought there would have been some kind of three- to four-year deal from them to show they’re interested,” the source added to Murphy. “But the qualifying offer is the only one he has received, and there’s been no talk since free agency opened. He’s most disappointed that there has been no reaching out from their end. He’s just hurt and frustrated that Danny [Ainge] hasn’t reached out. That’s the most discouraging part of this whole thing. The last contact was a few days before free agency started.”

Smart is valued around $15 million a year, so it can be seen why he’s a little irritated the Celtics have not reached out.

With no new contract from the Celtics, it seems things are trending towards him becoming an unrestricted free agent next summer.

“If that’s the indication the Celtics are giving him — a one-year deal –— then absolutely, yes, he’s prepared for it,” the source said. “And that doesn’t bode well for the Celtics if it comes down to that.”

Danny Ainge did not offer any comment when Murphy reached out.

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