Marcus Smart clears air on lacerated hand, says injury wasn't related to off-court issue

Marcus Smart clears air on lacerated hand, says injury wasn't related to off-court issue

Marcus Smart knows you probably don’t believe him, but he insisted on Sunday that his lacerated hand was the result of frustration with missing a game-winning shot, and not because of an off-court issue.

Speaking to reporters before the Celtics beat the Blazers, Smart explained what led to the cut in Los Angeles that required 20 stitches and will sideline him until the All-Star break.

“Frustration with myself and everything that was going on — it got the best of me,” Smart told reporters, including Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston. “When you get frustrated and get kind of angry, you don’t really think straight and this happens. Stuff like this happens. It’s just something that we have to learn from and move on. The hand is healing very well. I’ll be back soon and I’m just blessed that nothing more serious happened to it.”

Smart missed a game-winning 3-point attempt at the buzzer against the Lakers on Jan. 23 that extended Boston’s season-worst losing streak to four games. He returned to the team hotel in Beverly Hills and punched a picture in frustration.

“I punched a picture frame, literally,” he told reporters. ‘When I punched it, I instantly looked at my hand and couldn’t believe it. It was a pretty deep cut, lacerations. I had a couple stitches. Everything happened so fast, it was kind of breathtaking at the moment. Like I said, we’ve all been frustrated, we all get upset. I’m not the only one who has punched something or have done something where you cause injury to yourself or things like that.”

In the wake of the injury, there were unsubstantiated reports that Smart actually injured himself as the result of an off-court personal issue, but he denied that on Sunday.

“Off the court had nothing to do with it, which a lot of people probably think it was but it really wasn’t,” Smart told reporters.

Terry Rozier has stepped up in Smart’s absence, leading to reports that the Celtics would consider dealing Smart before the trade deadline.

“I’ve been in trade rumors since I’ve been in the league,” Smart told reporters. “It happens. It’s business. Nothing’s written in stone until it happens. We just kind of see how it goes, but I’m not worried about it. I don’t think the trade rumors is because of my hand or anything like that.”

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