Marcus Morris takes exception to 'cheapshot' from Ben Simmons

Marcus Morris takes exception to 'cheapshot' from Ben Simmons

You may not know a ton about him as a basketball player, but from his history and playing style alone, it’s very clear that Marcus Morris does not mess around.

Ben Simmons learned this shortly after he put Morris on his behind with a hard foul late in the C’s 114-103 victory over the Sixers.

Clearly agitated by the shot, Morris quickly regrouped, and shoved a smirking Simmons.

“Just a little bit of frustration kicked in,” Morris said of his shove to the Philly rookie. “He just took a cheapshot. That’s alright. I take a lot of cheapshots, too.”

Hoping that he wouldn’t get fined for his retaliatory shove, Morris doesn’t seem like the type to let things go, or simply forgive and forget when it comes to their next encounter.

“It’s good to see Philly’s got some OK guys, some tougher guys, you know what I’m saying?” Morris continued. “I promise you that won’t happen again.

“But it was a good shot. It is what it is.”

Morris will get his chance for a return shot against Simmons when the Celtics and Sixers conclude their regular-season series on Jan. 18 at TD Garden.

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