Marcus Morris blasts himself for doing 's— job defensively' on LeBron James

Marcus Morris blasts himself for doing 's— job defensively' on LeBron James

CLEVELAND — You can count on one hand the number of basketball players who have ever walked the earth with more natural talent than LeBron James. Marcus Morris might not even be the best player in the world who looks like Marcus Morris.

But that didn’t stop the rugged Celtics forward from believing in his ability to neutralize the Cavaliers superstar and offering a frank assessment of his subpar effort in Saturday’s Game 3 blowout loss.

“I did a (expletive) job defensively with LeBron,” Morris said at Celtics practice. “He was too comfortable when I was guarding him.”

The Celtics take a 2-1 lead into Monday night’s Game 4, and Morris guaranteed we’ll see a better effort than Saturday’s 30-point loss.

“That team we saw, I’m 100 percent sure it won’t be the same team on Monday,” Morris said. “After watching film, we did a lot of things that caused us to be in the position that we’re in. I’ve said before, control the controllables, and we didn’t do that.”

The Celtics were beaten in every way imaginable. They let the Cavaliers hit 17-of-34 3-pointers and score 34 points in the paint. They were outrebounded, 45-34, and committed 15 turnovers. The 116-86 thrashing was never a game.

For his part, James contributed 27 points and 12 assists, setting up teammates for an assortment of layups and dunks. Morris puts the blame on himself.

“I made myself very vulnerable on screens and wasn’t disciplined,” he said. “We can’t have that in a game of this magnitude, and it showed. They did a great job of exposing that. Personally, I think I have to do better.

“I watched the first two games and how we defended them and how I defended him personally and, like I said, I just thought I did a terrible job. I made myself very vulnerable and got screened a lot, and he made his space. He’s a great player and that’s what he does, so we have to fix that.”

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