Leon Powe on 5 Out: How Celtics can thrive in 2019-20

Leon Powe on 5 Out: How Celtics can thrive in 2019-20

For all the praise Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo receive for bringing Boston its first NBA title in over two decades, the role players had a huge hand in the team’s success, too.

Kendrick Perkins at the five, then Eddie House, James Posey and Leon Powe coming off the bench. All those guys had distinct roles. And they stuck to them, too.

But, as Powe explained in his appearance on 5 Out, that wasn’t always easy. Especially in his case, since he knew he could be a long-range threat.

Powe didn’t get the chance to stretch the floor under Doc Rivers though. Because Rivers already had players who could do that. He needed the big man to put the work down low.

Powe’s sacrifice helped the team win a title. Hard to argue with his decision.

If the current Celtics have any hope of doing something similar, some players have to take on a similar approach to Powe.

“I like this team and I think they can make some noise,” Powe said on 5 Out. “What they will have to do is play together. Like my ‘08 team, the Doc team, we played together. We never expected one person to do it all. We want to play together, we want to have each other’s back, we want to play on a string. And I think if that team can do that and build that team comradery together they’ll be fine. One person can’t just take on the whole thing, the whole responsibility, the defense the offense. You got to do it as a team and I think that’s what they should show you this year.”

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