LeBron will be more loathsome than ever on Lakers

LeBron will be more loathsome than ever on Lakers

Get ready to scowl at LeBron James like you never have before.   

LeBron signing with the Lakers for four years and $154 million resuscitates the NBA’s glitziest franchise from its five-year period of dormancy. The Lakers must land Kawhi Leonard before they’re propelled to championship contention, and even then, they’re still not better than the Warriors or Rockets. But the Lakers are back, thanks to James. He’s rescued them.  

In honor of David Price’s atrocious start against the Yankees, “Yuck!”

LeBron is now more loathsome than ever. His stint with the Lakers promises to be a four-year long “Decision” special. Every night will be a new episode, with tons of A-list guest stars. Think about how nauseating LeBron’s on-court theatrics will be when LeoNardo DiCaprio starts lobbying for officials on the King’s behalf from his courtside seats.

Even those who like LeBron, such as myself, must admit the drama routine is obnoxious. It was laughable, for example, to watch him jump around the parquet like he had torn his ACL –– only to not miss a single second of play

Now LeBron’s platform gets amplified to the maximum level. Even in 2018, everything in Los Angeles is greater. TMZ no longer has to send embeds to cover LeBron. Their entire LA office can now be on LeBron watch.

The best basketball player of his time joins the Lake Show. LeBron’s decision to move full-time to LA –– he already has a home in Brentwood –– generated 56,000 tweets per minute, per ESPN’s Darren Rovell. For comparison’s sake, Kevin Durant re-signing with the Warriors garnered 15,000 tweets per minute.

This is one of the biggest stories in professional sports history. 

James’ business empire is everywhere, stretching from the media world to fast-food pizza. Now he’ll be centered in the entertainment capital of the world, stretching his ubiquity to previously unimaginable levels. 

Think of all the palace intrigue: LeBron’s second Super Team, his pursuit of Kobe Bryant’s five championships while wearing Purple and Gold, his inevitable backstabbing of Luke Walton. The Lakers inherently bring drama. LeBron relishes in all of it. 

In many respects, this represents the perfect full circle for LeBron. The Sixers represent an easier path to the championship –– LeBron’s addition likely would’ve made them favorites in the Eastern Conference. He seemingly chose the Lakers for non-basketball reasons, too. The enhanced stage is part of the deal. 

As someone who appreciates LeBron’s championing of causes like gun control and racial justice, I am glad to see him wind up with an even louder megaphone. But it promises to come with a barrage of tabloid headlines about his relationship with LaVar Ball.

That’s too much for anybody to take. 

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