LeBron James will 'have conversation' with Celtics, says Stephen A. Smith

LeBron James will 'have conversation' with Celtics, says Stephen A. Smith

It looks like the Celtics are going to be at the center of the NBA’s free agency craze once again this offseason, even though Danny Ainge says he’s satisfied with his current roster.

On ESPN’s “First Take” Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith said LeBron James will pursue conversations with the Celtics once he (inevitably) opts out of his contract with the Cavs. “LeBron James is going to have a conversation with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They can offer him the most, and they are willing to do anything they can to keep him here, etc. etc., and obviously the wife is going to have a major, major say in things,” Smith said. “So you got that going on. He’s going to have a conversation with Boston. He’s going to have a conversation with Philly. Obviously the Lakers. Houston’s in the mix as well. They are going to go after him. Make no mistake about it.”

Smith also claimed the Warriors will be interested in LeBron, even though they, um, already have Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

While it’s fun to daydream about the Celtics pursuing LeBron –– and yes, it is fun –– it’s hard to imagine how they would pull it off. Boston already has more than $107 million in salary commitments on its books entering next season. The NBA salary cap is projected to be set at $101 million for 2018-19.

Oh, and Kyrie Irving is also here. Last summer, Smith reported that James wants to “beat Kyrie’s ass.” (James wound up “booing” Smith’s report on Twitter.)

As we see all of the time, there doesn’t have to be much substance behind a free agent rumor –– as evidenced by the fact I’m writing this post. All it takes is a national voice to throw out the possibility for it to gain traction. 

Last week, for example, ex-Celtics great Antoine Walker made the case for James to come to the Celtics. 

“You’re going to think I’m crazy, but if I was him, I’m going to Boston,” Walker said on FS1. “I’m going to Boston. I mean, Kevin Durant did it. Kevin Durant joined the best. The best team in the Eastern Conference right now would be the Boston Celtics. I would figure out a way to Boston if I’m LeBron James.”

That all sounds good, but “figuring out a way” to get LeBron to Boston, of course, is easier said than done. 

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