LaVar Ball on ‘Dale & Holley with Keefe:’ I would prefer Lonzo Ball play for the Lakers

LaVar Ball on ‘Dale & Holley with Keefe:’ I would prefer Lonzo Ball play for the Lakers

LaVar Ball said Thursday he would prefer his son play for the Lakers. (Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports)

LaVar Ball said Thursday he would prefer his son play for the Lakers. (Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports)

If the Celtics draft UCLA standout Lonzo Ball this spring, his father would probably be disappointed. 

In an interview Thursday on Dale & Holley with Keefe, LaVar Ball said his preference is for Lonzo to wind up with their hometown Lakers. 

“I want him to be a Laker. But that’s just my opinion,” he said. “It wouldn’t be like, ‘Oh man he gotta go to Boston.’ I’d love him to stay in LA. But that’s just me though.”

LaVar Ball went on to say he wants his son to play for the Lakers, because he wants to keep the family together. 

“It’s not about me liking [the Celtics] or disliking them. It’s just that we’re west coast guys,” he said. “I’d love for him to stay on the west coast where his brothers can see him all of the time. We’re a real big family. That’s just the only difference. But like I said, my son will play for any team on the fact that his goal was to make it to the NBA. So it doesn’t matter what team he plays for.” 

In a recent USA Today feature story, the man who coaches LaVar Ball’s kids at Chino Hills High School, Stephan Gilling, opened up about Daddy Ball’s overbearing personality and tendency to overrule him at every turn. But in the NBA, Ball says that wouldn’t be a problem. 

“You know what you’re getting from my boys when you get them. Anything before that, in high school, you don’t know what you’re getting,” he said. “That’s why I have to mold them into these players. Everybody thought I went to practices and all that stuff with Steve Alford [at UCLA]. No, I never went to one practice. I’m not going to be up there telling [the coach], wherever [Lonzo] goes, ‘Hey man, you need to play my son like this.’ No, Lonzo’s turned into a man. That’s his job.” 

Though LaVar Ball continued to build up Lonzo during the interview –– he stuck by his claim that his eldest son could beat Stephen Curry in a game of one-on-one –– he said he doesn’t think his brash demeanor hurts his kids. In fact, he says he thinks it helps them become better players. 

“If you’re in the NBA, shouldn’t everyone want to dunk on you? Who cares?,” he asked. “If you want to be the best, I don’t want my son going into a situation where [everyone] says, ‘You know what? You’re a great guy, man. We’re not even going to play that hard on you. We want to ease you in nice and gentle to the NBA. We’re not coming after you.’ Man, that’s a bunch of hogwash. I want them all coming after my boy, because that’s how you get to be the greatest.”

LaVar Ball hasn’t only been criticized for his mouth. He’s also been criticized for profiting off his three sons. He wants to ink an $1 billion shoe contract for them and is already selling “Big Baller Brand” t-shirts. But he says the marketing push is to help them live a good life. 

“I don’t need anything. I have all I want in life, which is a beautiful wife and three loving boys,” he said. “I have that, so I don’t need anything else. But as a parent, you want your kids to do better than you, and you want them to be well taken care of. And that’s all I’m doing building this empire right here –– for these guys. It’s not for me; it doesn’t matter. And that’s what people don’t get. It’s like this: they’re talking about exploitation and looking at my boys like an ATM machine. For what? My passion is personal training, and I still do that to this day. I have my own Big Ballers Training, been doing this for 20 years. So it’s not like, ‘Lonzo, hurry up and make it to the league so you can buy me a nice house and some cars. I need some money.’ For what? I told my boys this, ‘Don’t play the game for money. Play it for a passion and the entertainment value that it is.’ … The key to life is, if you have a passion and you happen to get paid for it, you’ve already won.”

Towards the end of the conversation, LaVar Ball took a break from flaunting his own kids and propped up himself instead. Once again, he said he could beat Michael Jordan in an one-on-one matchup. 

“Michael Jordan got a name. I’m 6-foot-6, 270 [pounds], fast, quick, jumping out the gym, going against a guy one-on-one who weighs 190,” he said. “No way he can guard me. He’s too light.” 

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