Kyrie Irving talks about drawbacks to being NBA star: 'It gets really redundant at times'

Kyrie Irving talks about drawbacks to being NBA star: 'It gets really redundant at times'

Tom Brady isn’t the only Boston sports star who seems to be looking beyond professional sports. Kyrie Irving says he’s anxious to explore other interests in his life, too. 

In an interview with the Undefeated, Irving was asked whether he shares Kevin Durant’s thoughts about retiring at 35 years old, given his bevy of off-court interests. Per usual, Irving gave a circuitous and somewhat inscrutable answer. But he sounds like somebody who’s anxious to explore life beyond basketball when the time comes.

“What’s funny is, I’ve actually talked to (Durant) about that,” Irving said. “Basketball really is a great vehicle to get to different places in your life, and I think that the value … for some individuals would change over time. It gets really redundant at times, answering the same questions every time you go into a season. The same things over and over again. After a while, you just become dedicated to the perfection of the craft rather than being enthralled with the lifestyle of being an NBA player. I think that’s part of not necessarily wanting to be subjected to just being an NBA player anymore. Business interests. Art. You can go into real estate. You can dive into so many different avenues, and once you aren’t necessarily committed to the game anymore, you’re afforded that time. For me, I want to go back to school. I want to really, really be engaged with the culture and society and effect change.”

It’s not surprising Irving answered in that fashion. Ever since he arrived in Boston, he’s talked about the importance of growing as an individual –– not just a basketball player. That’s one of the reasons he says he was ready to move out of LeBron James’ shadow and lead his own team.

Irving’s “Uncle Drew” film, which is based off his viral avuncular Pepsi commercial persona, is his first feature film. But Irving has always been interested in the arts, dating back to when he acted in “High School Musical” while in high school. 

“My personality’s been pretty quirky for a while, so I felt if anyone could get away with it, I probably could. I mean, what athlete is saying that their favorite musical is Rent?,” Irving said when asked about his dueling jock-thespian interests. 

Like most Irving interviews, it’s hard to have one clear takeaway from his conversation with the Undefeated, except that he seems determined to reach free agency in 2019 before making a decision about his future. “I’ve been transparent with Danny Ainge,” Irving told Kelley L. Carter. “Transparent with the ownership of what my intentions are going into this season. And after the season, what conversations are going to be needed to have in order for us to get on the same page.”

Last week, Irving told the press it doesn’t make sense for him to sign an extension this offseason. He’s absolutely right, meaning get ready for a full calendar year of Irving speculation.

History shows he isn’t going to try to tamper it. 

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