Kyrie Irving really seems to hate his mask

Kyrie Irving really seems to hate his mask

The NBA world was awaiting the return of Masked Kyrie Irving Tuesday. But the artist himself seemed less than enthused. 

Irving fractured his face Friday when teammate Aron Baynes inadvertently elbowed him. The electric point guard missed Sunday’s game against the Raptors, but returned to take on the Nets. He was sporting a clear face mask in order to presumably protect himself from flailing body parts while driving into the paint. 

Irving last wore a (black) mask in December 2012 with the Cavaliers, and dropped a career-high 41 points against the Knicks. While his stat line against the Nets was impressive –– he led all scorers with 25 points –– it’s apparent the mask was nothing but an annoyance. 

According to those at the Barclay’s Center, Irving took off his mask during pregame warmups, in between plays and after halftime. He also constantly tinkered with it throughout the first half.

Irving appeared to be more comfortable in the third and fourth quarters, but acknowledged he never felt like he could see clearly. 

“It’s almost like having somewhat foggy blinders on,” he told reporters after the game, per MassLive. “When I take off the mask, I can see everything, but when I have the mask on, I’m really dialed into what’s in front of me. My peripheral’s a little cut off. ”

Irving says he opted for the clear mask this time around, because the black mask he wore in Cleveland obstructed almost all of his court vision. This time, he could see beyond the basket. 

But still, it doesn’t seem like the clear mask will become a permanent fixture on Irving. He sounds like a man who wants to ditch it as soon as possible. 

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