Kyrie Irving may consider rejoining LeBron James

Kyrie Irving may consider rejoining LeBron James

As if the Kyrie Irving situation wasn’t already confusing enough, ESPN’s Bryan Windhorst is now reporting the Celtics guard might consider a reunion with LeBron James — the teammate who supposedly led to his departure from Cleveland.

“I just think it’s on Kyrie’s radar,” Windhorst said on his podcast, Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective. “I think it’s on Kyrie’s board. He has had discussions with people about playing with the Lakers.”

Windhorst also cited the Lakers considering Jason Kidd as their next head coach could play a role in the move.

Now, Windhorst has been on top of many things LeBron James-related through the years. That’s no secret, but worth noting; so do what you will with that bit of information. But he wasn’t the only one who alluded to the potential rebirth of Kyrie-LeBron.

Jackie MacMullan, who is always on top all things Celtics — including Kyrie Irving — told Windhorst she spoke with Irving on the matter three weeks prior to recording the podcast.

Simply put: he didn’t give her a definitive answer.

“I asked him point-blank, this very question. I said, ‘You know what everybody’s saying, Kyrie? They’re saying now you’re going to go back with LeBron,’” MacMullan said. “And he laughed. I said, ‘Is that a yes or a no?’ And he laughed again. And he put his arm around me and he left. So determine [from] that what you may. So everything’s in play. Everything is in play with him right now.”

Maybe by providing no answer, Irving actually answered the question. (Meaning, he didn’t say no.) Either way, have to give one thing to Irving: if nothing else, he keeps things interesting.

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