Kyrie Irving makes major promise, like one he gave Celtics

Kyrie Irving makes major promise, like one he gave Celtics

Whether or not you’re satisfied with what Kyrie Irving had to say about his ending in Boston and why he had to leave, there’s one other detail from his introductory press conference with the nets worth noting. Then we might be able to put the topic of the ex-Celtics point guard on hold until Brooklyn comes to town.

As Celtics fans well know, Irving said just last year he planned to stay in Boston past 2018-19 and re-sign with the team once he opted out of the final year of his deal. Of course, he didn’t do that.

However you feel about Irving, he made a promise and didn’t follow through. That’s a fact.

So, you would think after doing something like that, he wouldn’t put himself in a similar position.

Welp, Kyrie just can’t help himself.

When he was asked about the way things came together with DeAndre Jordan and Kevin Durant, Irving told reporters he wants to play the rest of his career Durant and Jordan — and they intend to do so in Brooklyn.

“We just want to care for one another in a way where we can build for the next four years and on,” Irving said. “We want to end our careers together. We want to do this as a team. And then what better place to do it than Brooklyn with all these guys that had worked their tails off to be where they are now.”

Not exactly the same thing he did last year. But it’s not much different.

Yes, it’s Irving’s new team and I understand why he’d be excited. But no one asked him to make a lifelong commitment to the team. He signed a four-year contract. That’s how long the union is expected to be.

Irving may have learned a lot about himself in the past year, but it looks like he doesn’t know everything quite yet.

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