Kyrie Irving free agency: Kendrick Perkins rips Irving

Kyrie Irving free agency: Kendrick Perkins rips Irving

There is at least one person in the basketball world who isn’t interested in Kyrie Irving’s free agency saga, and he’s done something Irving hasn’t achieved: help bring a championship to Boston.

In a recent interview with Fox Sports’ Kristine Leahy, Kendrick Perkins doesn’t hide his apparent disdain for the mercurial point guard. “I really don’t care who Kyrie signs with,” he said. 

When asked about his antipathy, Perkins said he was upset with the way Irving carried himself this season. “I’m not a (Kyrie fan) at all,” he explained. “He really disappointed me, the way he represented the Celtics this year. I would rather not really speak on him.”

That is only the latest salvo Perkins has fired in Irving’s direction. Last month, the NBA veteran lambasted Irving for his seeming laissez-faire attitude during the Celtics’ semifinals loss to the Bucks. 

“In this series, I think Kyrie, the way he went about it was disrespectful to the city of Boston, was disrespectful to the organization,” Perkins told Colin Cowherd, via Bleacher Report. “He didn’t represent what Celtic pride is all about. I spent my first eight-and-a-half years of my career in Boston, and those fans are unbelievable, the organization is unbelievable, the history of the franchise in itself is unbelievable.”

Perkins, despite his strong feelings, is almost certainly one of the few NBA folks not preoccupied with Irving’s status. Stephen A. Smith has been pushing all sorts of speculation, most recently saying the Celtics blew their chance to retain Irving due to their mishandling of Gordon Hayward. Smith continues to say Irving is likely going to the Nets.

Danny Ainge, meanwhile, said Wednesday he has no updates on Irving. NBA free agency begins July 1. 

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