Kemba Walker avoids concussion protocol, progressed Sunday

Kemba Walker avoids concussion protocol, progressed Sunday

At first, it looked like missing a game or two might be the least of Kemba Walker’s concerns following his injury on Friday. Brad Stevens thought of the worst-case scenario, having dealt with a similar scare in the past.

“My number one thing was, ‘Is he moving?’” he said. “I actually had a kid at Butler who went in head-first into the (basket) stanchion in my last year and very temporarily lost movement and that was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Though, Stevens indicated at Sunday’s practice he felt much better about his point guard’s status once he was on the ambulance.

And Walker didn’t simply avoid a worst-case scenario with his neck sprain. He may not even have to sit out a game for the Celtics, having been ruled doubtful against the Kings.

But with the scare Walker gave everyone on Friday, a one to two-game absence is nothing. Things seemed much bleaker when he first went down against the Nuggets.

“He didn’t practice (on Sunday), but he went through a number of progressions upstairs on the bikes and in the weight room,” Stevens said. “We’re just really lucky it didn’t end up being near as bad as any of us thought.”

Another good sign for the Celtics: Walker has not entered the NBA concussion protocol, despite being initially diagnosed with concussion-like symptoms. So, he can return the second he feels OK.

“He is continuing to be monitored in case of any of that stuff shows up,” Stevens said. “But he’s been good and he feels good. Kind of a minor miracle based on what we saw the other day. But the strain is real, and he’s got some soreness in his back and neck, that’s it.”

Still, if the Celtics sideline Walker on Monday, it’ll be over concerns with his head. Even though the Celtics have ruled Walker as doubtful because of his neck strain, Stevens doesn’t think it’s enough of an issue to keep Walker out against the Kings.

“I think he could probably play with the sprain part,” Stevens said. “But we just want to make sure with the way he hit and certainly because of the sensitivity to head injuries.”

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