Kanter would pick Kemba Walker ‘any day’ over Kyrie Irving

Kanter would pick Kemba Walker ‘any day’ over Kyrie Irving

On more than one occasion, Enes Kanter has expressed the Celtics could shock the basketball world in 2019-20. Of course, he’s not going to speak negatively about his new team. But he also doesn’t have to describe the organization as a family, which is exactly what he did on Wednesday during his appearance on FS1’s “First Things First.”

“From Day 1, they opened their arms (and) gave me a warm welcome,” Kanter said.

Though “family” probably wouldn’t be the word he’d use to describe last year’s Celtics team, based on what he saw.

“No disrespect, obviously (Kyrie Irving) is one of the best point guards in the league, but I think I remember when I was with Portland we came to play against (the) Celtics (in Boston) and I could feel that the chemistry just wasn’t there,” Kanter said. “There was, like, a negative energy. But I think now what we got to do (is) just stay together and keep focusing on what we need to focus (on). Just go out there and have fun.”

As much as Kanter tried to respect Irving, he made sure to point out he’ll take the new C’s starting point guard over the last one.

“I think Kemba is a really good leader. I’ll definitely pick Kemba any day over Kyrie,” he said.

Kanter was also asked about the major flaw in his game: his defense. With that being a point of emphasis in Boston more than it is elsewhere, it’s hard to ignore his past struggles against the pick-and-roll.

But Kanter continues to repeat the same reason why he won’t be a liability.

“I think defense is all about communication and trust,” he said. “So I think all we got to do (is) just go out there and trust each other. … Defense was not my thing until I signed with Portland. But after I signed with Portland, I had amazing players around me like Dame (Lillard), CJ (McCollum), (Jusuf) Nurkic, all the guys and I felt so much (more) comfortable and confident out there. And I think playing (with) really, really good players, like Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, I think it’s going to be way easier.”

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