Jayson Tatum: 'Kobe didn't teach me any bad habits'

Jayson Tatum: 'Kobe didn't teach me any bad habits'

A lot has been made of Jayson Tatum’s comments from Celtics Media Day about his shot selection. He said he was going to take more threes and drive to the rim at a greater frequency. Naturally, that would mean he’s going to take fewer mid-range jumpers. Tatum told WEEI.com he isn’t abandoning the mid-range game, though he expressed he settled for shots in that area too often last season.

He was, again, asked about his emphasis on taking more threes following Friday’s win in Orlando. And, again, Tatum made clear he’s still going to take mid-range shots.

Also, in the course of his postgame press conference, Tatum alluded to an ESPN article titled “The de-Kobe-ing of Jayson Tatum has begun.” This was in reference to the Celtics wing working with Kobe Bryant in the summer of 2018.

Tatum made clear, Bryant did nothing but help his game.

“Kobe didn’t teach me anything bad,” he said. “Everything we talked about (that) he showed me was great. Last year, the jump I didn’t make that everybody expected, it was not his fault. He’s one of the greatest ever. Everything he taught me was — I’m very grateful. (And he) helped me. But I (have to) take responsibility for how I played last year.”

Tatum also provided some clarity on why he didn’t take the step forward he’d hoped to in 2018-19.

“It was a lot of things. It was a team aspect. We just didn’t win that many games,” he said. “It was tough. We were 10-10, so when you (are) 10-10 and everyone thought we were gonna win a championship, nobody looked that good last year. I got better last year, just not what people expected — not what I expected – and I take full responsibility, but that’s why I’m excited for this year.”

By the end of his answer on the subject, Tatum made a point to circle back to Bryant, defending the Laker legend.

“Kobe didn’t teach me any bad habits,” Tatum said. “I didn’t say that.”

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