Isaiah Thomas floats Celtics return

Isaiah Thomas floats Celtics return

Last year, point guard Isaiah Thomas said he might never talk to Danny Ainge again. Now, he’s floating the possibility of a return to the Celtics.

In an impromptu Twitter Q&A Sunday, Thomas, who will be a free agent this summer, was asked about coming back to Boston. In response, he said “anything can happen.”

It’s apparent Thomas’ feelings about the Celtics have changed within the last five moths. He was outspoken about his feeling of betrayal when Ainge shipped him to the Cavaliers last August, writing in the Players’ Tribune it soured his entire perspective of how players are treated in professional sports. Thomas expected loyalty after playing through an aching hip and his sister’s death last season. Instead, he got traded.

Through the first half of the season, Thomas seemingly aired his grievances whenever he was presented the opportunity. The drama climaxed in January, when Thomas asked to cancel his scheduled tribute video, because he wouldn’t be active that night. The Celtics acquiesced, pushing it back until February, on the same day as Paul Pierce’s number retirement. But Pierce publicly lamented the change. The conflict never occurred, because the Cavs traded Thomas to the Lakers days before Cleveland was schedule to visit Boston.

Thomas’ balky hip kept him out of the Cavaliers’ lineup until January. He was dreadful on the court in 15 games, and also reportedly contributed to Cleveland’s internal unrest

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Thomas with the Lakers, either, Last week, he had to be separated from forward Julius Randle during a sideline argument. 

In 15 games with the Lakers this season, Thomas, 29, is averaging 15.9 points per game with 5.3 assists and shooting 38-percent from the field. Assuming Kyrie Irving’s knee heals, it’s difficult to see the Celtics hurrying to incorporate Thomas into their crowded backcourt. 

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