Grant Williams believes Celtics' young talent is 'undervalued'

Grant Williams believes Celtics' young talent is 'undervalued'

The Celtics made several significant adjustments to their roster this offseason, and are a much younger team than in years past. However, 2019 first-round pick Grant Williams doesn’t think that means the team should be counted out.

“I feel like we’re (an) underestimated, underrated team because we have a lot of veteran guys who may be young,” Williams said on Sirius XM NBA Radio. “You have Enes Kanter who’s probably 28, 27 years old. Kemba Walker. You have guys that have high talent in Jayson (Tatum) and Jaylen (Brown) who have proven themselves over the last couple of years. There’s a lot of talent on this team that I feel is undervalued.”

Kanter, 27, brings eight years of NBA experience to the Celtics, most recently averaging 13.1 points and 8.6 rebounds per game with the Trail Blazers. Walker, 29, also brings eight years of NBA experience to Boston, coming off a career-best season of 25.6 points, 5.9 assists, and 4.4 rebounds per game with the Hornets.

Though many of the returning Celtics are even younger, Williams believes their talent still gets overlooked, as well. 

“A guy like Jayson who has two or three years and has competed as a starter in the league still is one of those guys — he may have had a ‘down year,’ but if you look at the team, he had to be a little bit more passive and a little bit (mindful of) shot selection,” Williams said. “And adding a guy like Kemba who is a superstar already but may not have been considered a superstar because he was in Charlotte, because he wasn’t necessarily winning as much.

“So, hopefully, we can add not only to their portfolios but add it to the team. And get back to what Boston is known as: a team that has championship-caliber players every year and is fighting for that next banner that will (put) us even further away from the competition.”

Tatum and Walker are already developing chemistry together, along with Brown and Marcus Smart, at Team USA training camp in L.A. All four Celtics made it through the first round of cuts, and the official 12-member roster will be announced August 17. If Boston’s players all make the official roster, the Celtics will account for one-third of Team USA, and would continue developing chemistry together throughout the international competition — just another way the young talent could bring a subtle edge to Boston next season.

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