Gordon Hayward could get out of his walking boot 'for good' Wednesday

Gordon Hayward could get out of his walking boot 'for good' Wednesday

Injured Celtics star Gordon Hayward may no longer need his walking boot less than two months after fracturing his ankle on opening night.

In a recent interview with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski on SiriusXM, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said Hayward is ecstatic about the pace of his recovery. “The last I talked to him, which was about 15 minutes ago, he’s going to the doctor (Wednesday) to potentially get out of his walking boot for good — which he’s jacked about,” Steven said in the interview, which will air Thursday at 6:00 p.m. “He is wearing an ASO (ankle) brace most of the day now. He is literally in the weight room as we speak. Does all the training table just like our guys. Has his own shooting time. Even when he was in a boot sitting in a chair, he had his own shooting time and had his own lifting time just like all of our players do before practice. So we’ve tried to keep him as engaged as possible.”

Hayward, 27, has been a steady presence around the team over the last few weeks. He returned to the Celtics’ bench on Nov. 17 to watch them upset the Warriors at T.D. Garden. 

Last week, Hayward’s wife, Robyn, posted an Instagram story that showed her husband’s bare foot –– meaning Hayward no longer constantly wears protection on it. 

While the Celtics still don’t expect Hayward to return this season, it’s apparent he’s ahead of schedule.

“His status, the way that we’ve looked at it the whole time is we don’t expect him back this year,” Stevens said. “But he shoots for all of his goals –– week-to-week, day-to-day –– to try to expedite it as much as he can. Because he obviously wants to be back, like any athlete, as soon as they can.”

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