Gilroy: Can the media just enjoy the Celtics' hot start?

Gilroy: Can the media just enjoy the Celtics' hot start?

By Patrick Gilroy

For the last handful of years there has been a mantra, a mandate coming out of Philadelphia and their beloved 76ers, “trust the process” they say. Through more downs than ups, and through injury after injury to lottery picks, fans of the 76ers continue to “trust the process” and wait for the Sixers’ “inevitable” turnaround.

Meanwhile here in Boston, it’s the opposite. Rather than a long drawn out rebuild, the Celtics transitioned from the Doc Rivers/Big-three lead teams to the “In Brad we trust” era and managed to only miss the playoffs one time. Meanwhile the Sixers have not made the playoffs since 2012. 

I draw the comparison between the two franchises, and their chosen paths to contention to remind both fans and media that while “trusting the process” may be akin to kicking the can down the road season after season, there is nothing wrong with “enjoying the process” especially in Boston. Through the first month of the season there has been no basketball more enjoyable than that of the Boston Celtics.

Rather than enjoying the pure ecstasy of their current 13-game winning streak I have heard far too many talking heads try and tell me that “it’s early” or that Lebron and his mighty Cavs don’t care about W’s until the calendar flips to 2018. I have heard that both Jalen Brown and Jayson Tatum can’t possibly keep up their level of play, and of course the media hero’s that are convinced that “All-Star Al” will revert back to “Average Al,” it’s only a matter of time. They bark into their microphones angrily instructing fans not to buy into what they are seeing. As if their 13-2 record is only a mirage, an oasis in the desert for thirsty Celtics fans. 

While it’s possible that 100 percent of the above predictions could come true, it’s also entirely possible that they do not. Isn’t that why they play the games? Regardless of what happens tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, for right now, for today, the Boston Celtics are the best team in basketball. It would really be a shame not to have enjoyed the process of how they got here. Maybe fans shouldn’t trust everything that comes from the mouths of talking heads. They have a process as well and trust me, it’s not nearly as enjoyable as what continues to take place on Causeway Street.

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