Garnett explained why Kyrie Irving didn't work in Boston

Garnett explained why Kyrie Irving didn't work in Boston

There aren’t many players like Kevin Garnett anymore. He speaks his mind now, but — as Celtics fans well know — he did it back when he played, as well.

It’s that intense mentality that made him a perfect fit for Boston.

Garnett’s approach is also why he used to have his own show on TNT. The 2008 NBA champion is opinionated about the game. Even if he’s promoting something else — like on Tuesday, when he was in New York to talk about his movie with Adam Sandler, “Uncut Gems” — Garnett is ready to talk basketball.

At the event for the movie, Garnett was asked if he was surprised about Kyrie Irving’s departure from Boston, and, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, he simply started with, “No.”

Though, Garnett did expand further:

“Boston’s a tough town, dawg,” he said. “You have to have some major cojones to be there. You got to want that. The people want it for you. That’s why Paul (Pierce was) perfect for it. Paul wants the shot every time. Like, ‘You’re 0-for-14.” And he’s like, ‘I know, but they want it.’”


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