Enes Kanter's incident at mosque his first in America

Enes Kanter's incident at mosque his first in America

After Celtics Training Camp on Friday, Enes Kanter posted a video to Twitter of an incident that happened outside of a mosque in Cambridge which he and Tacko Fall attended for prayer. In the video, Kanter expressed two individuals “attacked and threatened” him.

Kanter has been outspoken about the issues taking place in his home country, Turkey. That’s led to issues with traveling outside of the US, and he’s even expressed how the Turkish government impacted the tour of camps he hosted over the summer. 

Though, Kanter told reporters prior to Celtics Open Practice at the Garden on Saturday this was something he had not yet dealt with in America.

“They were screaming, they were yelling, they were cursing (in Turkish),” Kanter said. “It was pretty crazy because this is America. You should be safe to come in a mosque and pray peacefully.”

Despite the incident, Kanter will not stop discussing the issues he has with the Turkish government.

“What I’m doing is huge because I’m talking about human rights,” Kanter said. “I’m talking about democracy, freedom of speech, religion, and expression. I’m talking about justice. So just because I’m talking about these issues and that stuff, I’m going to get threats? I’ll take that. I’ll be OK having security next to me 24/7. But those issues that I’m talking about are way bigger than myself and basketball.”

Although he may increase personal security, Kanter did express feels safe and has received support from the Celtics and contacted both the police and the FBI. Danny Ainge told reporters the Celtics security has been made aware of the situation.

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