Enes Kanter sees Gordon Hayward regaining confidence

Enes Kanter sees Gordon Hayward regaining confidence

With everything that happened last season and a few fairly important players moving elsewhere, the Celtics don’t seem to be viewed as a contender heading into 2019-20. As much as there’s reason to have reservations about the group, the Celtics still have their two young talents, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the newly acquired Kemba Walker and a respectable supporting cast.

Oh, and they still have Gordon Hayward, who was coming off his first all-star campaign when he signed with the Celtics.

The injury he suffered at the start of 2017-18 has, of course, limited his production in his first two years in Boston. But if Hayward continues to build off what he did in his return last year, that could quickly change how everyone views the Celtics in 2019-20.

He’s made it a point to train in Boston this summer, and expressed at the free event he and his wife, Robyn, put on in Roxbury that he’s been able to work with the coaching staff throughout the offseason. Hayward also previously stated he’s back on his normal training routine.

And he’s apparently doing something right because his old Jazz teammate-turned-Celtic, Enes Kanter, spoke highly of Hayward in a conversation with Jared Weiss of The Athletic.

“When I was in Boston, I played with (Hayward) in two-on-two action and I feel like he’s gained more confidence,” Kanter said. “When he played, he wasn’t scared of anything.”

Again, getting the old Hayward back changes the ceiling for this team noticeably. It seems that’s not a reach.

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