Enes Kanter may be best served as a reserve for Celtics

Enes Kanter may be best served as a reserve for Celtics

Brad Stevens has expressed he’ll try some different things with the starting lineup throughout the preseason. That was made abundantly clear when he started Robert Williams against the Hornets on Sunday.

But Stevens may have already made up his mind how he’ll use Enes Kanter. If nothing else, he’s at least leaning in one direction.

While the Celtics try to figure things our with their big men, Kanter showed on Sunday he’s going to play as advertised. He has a commanding presence in the post on offense and is very active on the glass. Kanter’s defense, not all that great.

His game makes him a good candidate to come off the Celtics bench, especially with the offensive firepower the Celtics have if Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown all start.

Based on Stevens’ comments at Celtics practice on Tuesday, Kanter is, in fact, in line to be a reserve for the C’s.

“He has some things he does really well that, I think, is just unique,” the Celtics head coach said. “He’s obviously going to play. We’re trying to figure out if it’s best with the starting unit or best to bring him off (the bench) so that you can play through him a little bit more on the block. Those type of things. And that’s probably the case, if we continue to start all those guys on the wing. We’ll see how that goes over the next couple of weeks.”

Putting Kanter on the floor with four other players who’re looking to score first doesn’t make sense to start the game. While he can help clean up the Celtics’ misses, he’s going to clog up the paint while Tatum, Hayward and others try to drive.

Furthermore, the Celtics need at least one defensive-minded player on the floor when all the others are scorers.

Also, the bench needs to provide some offense. Kanter can definitely help with that.

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