Do we really need to worry about Celtics 1st-round pick Robert Williams?

Do we really need to worry about Celtics 1st-round pick Robert Williams?

By Danny Dragin

At this point everyone is aware the Celtics drafted Texas A&M big man Robert Williams with the 27th pick in the NBA draftdraft. Some are already saying that he is the steal of the draft and continue to relate him to big men in the league such as Clint Capela and Andre Drummond.

Many were shocked that he dropped so low and there was speculation that it was due to his attitude off the court and his willingness to get better. It also didn’t help that he missed his conference call with the Celtics the day after he was drafted. Yahoo’s Pat Forde went of Twitter after Williams was picked and said, “Robert Williams: all of the talent, none of the motor,” which couldn’t be more of an exaggeration.

Sure, maybe Williams looked like he was lumbering around the court on some occasions, but to me that seems like exhaustion and bad coaching. Williams won’t have to worry about being tired on the court with the Celtics because their will probably be a lot of nights when he doesn’t get off of the bench, due to the depth in our front court. Giving Williams the opportunity to make his game more versatile and fluid will only pay off for both the C’s and Williams.

The assumptions people are making about this kid are extremely over blown and dramatic. His motor will be fine because he won’t see that many minutes on the court to begin with. Also many continue to question his dedication to his team but the dedication to his team is what most excites me the most. Last year Williams could have still been drafted in the first round but he decided to stay at Texas A&M because he wanted to finish what he started there. He felt that he was leaving his teammates behind if he entered the draft.

Entering the NBA has given a lot of players the chance to be more successful than they were in college because of the coaching and the time they can spend perfecting their craft. Williams could be one of those players that just needed a little stability and organization to thrive, which is what he will for sure find in Boston.

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