Danny Ainge worried about buzz surrounding Gordon Hayward

Danny Ainge worried about buzz surrounding Gordon Hayward

Each of the Celtics who’ve been asked about Gordon Hayward’s current level of play has said something to the effect of “He’s back.” Enes Kanter probably went the furthest when he said Hayward is going to “shock the world.”

Maybe that was the comment that caught Danny Ainge’s attention. Because, prior to Celtics Open Practice on Saturday at the Garden, the Celtics president of basketball operations expressed some concern over the hype surrounding the max contract wing.

“I think right now there’s been a lot of buzz about Gordon and his comeback and I’m worried that it’s getting a little out of hand,” Ainge told reporters. “Like, I think he’s Gordon. He’s back to being Gordon. And we’re very excited about that. I sometimes worry, like, ‘Oh my gosh, they think it’s somebody else.’ But I’m excited about Gordon.”

Part of Ainge’s concern is rooted in his feeling that some of the games in which Hayward was the best Celtic on the floor in 2018-19 were games where he didn’t light up the scoreboard. Instead, he was doing a bit of everything — which is what Ainge expects he’ll do throughout 2019-20.

“Gordon is just a good basketball player,” Ainge said. “He can think, he can pass, he can shoot, he can create, he can defend, he can rebound. I mean, he’s a complete player.”

Well, if Hayward can do it all, then there shouldn’t be too much concern over the anticipation, right?

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