Chris Herren discusses his experience training athletes

Chris Herren discusses his experience training athletes

Former Celtics guard Chris Herren has become a household name across the country from the work he’s done to help those battling addiction following his own trials. Now 11 years and three months sober, Herren has been featured in two ESPN 30 for 30 specials: “Unguarded” in 2011 and this year’s “The First Day.”

While the films highlight both Herren’s story and his evolution as a public speaker, some of what gets lost is just how much work he does. In addition to the wellness centers he’s now opened, Herren travels across the country to speak in front of communities, schools and teams. He has 250 engagements scheduled this year.

He took some time to join the 5 Out podcast before he spoke in front of a community in West Virginia on Wednesday. Among the teams and organizations he works with are Alabama’s football program, the NBA and NFL.

Also, Herren’s gotten to know Celtics coach Brad Stevens along the way. He helped the then-Butler head coach find a recruit out of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

But before Herren became the dynamic public speaker he now is, he was training young basketball players in the early stages of his sobriety, one being 5 Out co-host Matt Medeiros.

“Those workouts, they’re very near and dear to me,” Herren said. “Because when you’re a year sober and you’re coming off four overdoses, you have a family, you have zero money and you’re starting a business and people are dropping their kids off and put that responsibility in your hands, it’s something that I cherished. It’s something that I look back on with an amazing amount of gratitude for the people who were a part of it, who got me started.”

Listen to Episode 9 of 5 Out to hear more of what’s going on with Herren.

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