Charles Barkley's Celtics hate keeps looking sillier

Charles Barkley's Celtics hate keeps looking sillier

Trent Dilfer will never live down his infamous putdown of the Patriots following their 41-14 loss to the Chiefs on Monday Night Football in 2014. The ex-quarterback declared the Patriots “aren’t good anymore” and predicted their immediate demise. He could not have been more wrong. The Patriots only lost one more game the rest of the way and went on to win the Super Bowl. 

May Charles Barkley suffer a similar fate. 

Barkley went off on the Celtics prior to their victory over the Warriors last Thursday night, saying they didn’t belong in the upper-echelon of the Eastern Conference. 

Sir Charles’ declaration that the Celtics wouldn’t hold the Warriors under 100 points was immediately disproven, as Golden State only put up 88 points at the T.D. Garden. Five days later, his words about the Celtics putting “zero fear in anybody’s heart” look even sillier, now that the C’s have extended their win streak to 16 games. With a light schedule on the horizon –– the Celtics won’t play an All-Star from last year until Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks come to town Dec. 4 –– it’s conceivable this streak will continue well past Thanksgiving. 

The Celtics have not been blowing teams out during their run. They’ve fallen behind in a number of contests, which head coach Brad Stevens routinely points out to the media. But teams don’t win 16 straight games by mistake. Eight other clubs in NBA history have won 16 in a row, and four of them wound up capturing the championship.

During his rant last week, Barkley questioned how the Celtics were winning so often. But the formula is apparent. They’re combining lockdown defense with great fourth quarter play, which is exactly what happened in their 110-102 victory over the Mavericks Monday. Kyrie Irving exploded for 47 points on just 22 shots, with 17 of those points coming over the final 12:50 of play. The Mavericks, by the way, only put up 17 points as a team during that stretch. 

Every championship team needs a rallying cry. It seems as if Barkley has already provided the Celtics with theirs. 

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