Celtics’ ‘too many mouths to feed’ problem in 2018-19 shouldn’t be an issue next season

Celtics’ ‘too many mouths to feed’ problem in 2018-19 shouldn’t be an issue next season

One thing that’s popped up in the course of Kyrie Irving v. Kemba Walker now that latter is expected to replace the former is the “too many mouths to feed” problem that came up last season.

Not sure why it’s coming up. It seems fairly obvious why this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. And this isn’t a “Kemba is better than Kyrie thing.” Walker actually averaged two more shots per game in 2018-19 and has averaged one more per game than Irving over their careers.

It’s simply because there aren’t going to be as many mouths to feed on the roster. Swap Walker for Irving, then subtract Terry Rozier, Al Horford and Marcus Morris. That puts the list of mouths to feed at five: Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward and Marcus Smart.

Now, the Celtics still need to add a big man. If it’s someone like Enes Kanter or Brook Lopez — who would need to be signed on the Room Mid-Level Exception — neither averaged 11 shot attempts per game in the last two years. Another candidate is Nerlens Noel, who didn’t even average 10 shot attempts per 36 minutes in either 2017-18 or 2018-19, never mind per game.

Horford averaged 10.5 shots per game between the last two seasons. So Kanter or Lopez, or someone similar, takes over Horford’s shots and you instantly have Morris’ (11.3 between the last two years) to spread out elsewhere (the rookies, Robert Williams and Semi Ojeleye). Gordon Hayward will probably take Rozier’s (10 a night in 2017-18 and 8.4 in 2018-19) after he averaged seven fewer shots a night (8.8) than he did in his last season with Utah (15.8).

If the C’s trade for a big man, like Clint Capela or Steven Adams, there’d be even more shots available for everyone. Because a deal involving one of those players — as unlikely as that scenario seems at this juncture — would probably call for Hayward (and some serious cap maneuvering). But again, plenty of shots for everyone.

Looking back at 2018-19, when the Celtics were without one of their top-eight players, it seemed like the offense flowed much more smoothly. With Walker and a new big man, minus the four players mentioned, the Celtics have six mouths to feed (Hayward still being one of them). They’ll probably add a couple of players on league-minimum money, but there’s no way one of them takes a commanding amount of shots away from Boston’s top players.

As cliched as it is, this is simply a case of addition by subtraction.

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