Celtics send message to Joel Embiid: Don't diss our fans

Celtics send message to Joel Embiid: Don't diss our fans

If the Celtics are smart, they’ll hire the Verizon guy to deliver a message to Joel Embiid and the Sixers before Game 5, if there is a Game 5: Can you hear me now?

Though no one mentioned him directly by name, the C’s definitely had Embiid’s slight at the TD Garden fans on their mind during Thursday’s come-from-behind win in Game 2.

“I’ve never seen TD Garden like it was tonight,” Jaylen Brown said. “I think I’ll remember that game forever. The way the crowd got behind us before the half, that last five minutes. The energy was insane. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. That was a moment to definitely remember, Game 2, Philadelphia, 2018. For sure.”

After Game 1, Embiid had sniffed that the Garden wasn’t particularly loud.

“It was OK,” he said. “I think our fans are louder than that, so I mean, it was OK.”

It’s unclear if Celtics fans took that message personally, but their players certainly did, going out of their way to note how raucous, energized and ultimately game-changing the atmosphere was during Thursday’s 22-point comeback in a 108-103 victory.

“Come on, man. That’s all for show,” guard Marcus Smart said when asked about Embiid’s comments. “Everyone in this world knows about Boston Celtics fans. They’re if not the best, one of the best in the world, in this league.”

Are they louder than Philly?

“Definitely,” Smart said. “Definitely.”

It’s hard to describe how loud the place was. The fans lost their minds when Brown checked into the game in the first quarter, even though he had only missed one game with a bad hamstring. When he picked up a loose ball and converted a breakaway dunk just moments after checking in, the Garden reached a state of bedlam that only intensified during the 18-3 run that closed out the half as the Celtics came roaring back.

“It was loud,” Smart said. “It was loud throughout the whole game. I’m yelling out calls to Marcus Morris and the guys and they’re telling me they can’t even hear me and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. That just shows the atmosphere of this crowd.”

As the series shifts to Game 5 in Philadelphia on Saturday night, the Celtics expect the home crowd to exhort the Sixers. Just don’t try telling them it will be louder than the Garden.

“I love Philly,” Morris said. “That’s my hometown. I expect it to be jumping. I’m excited. This is a dream come true, playing in front of all the people that watched me grow up.

“It was very loud (tonight). This is my first time playing here in the playoffs. So these games are different. I thought today, especially when we made that run, I thought it was the loudest I’ve ever heard it.”

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