Celtics pair of Big Ten selections make for an interesting combination

Celtics pair of Big Ten selections make for an interesting combination

The Celtics certainly kept themselves busy throughout the 2019 NBA Draft. Boston selected four players after trading the 20th pick to the Sixers for No. 24 and No. 33. They then moved No. 24 with Aron Baynes to the Suns. Although the Baynes move was a bit of a surprise, rumors about his availability started circulating prior to the draft.

Along with the report of the Celtics being interested in Nikola Vucevic, the two Big Ten guards they selected made for the most intriguing part of Boston’s night.

First, Boston grabbed Indiana’s Romeo Langford at No. 14 overall. Anti-flat-Earther Grant Williams was then sandwiched between Langford and the second Big Ten guard the C’s took on Thursday, Purdue’s Carsen Edwards.

If you look at some of the draft profiles on Langford, you’ll see his approach on the floor comes into question. A source that has followed Langford closely confirmed the notion, stating he “doesn’t look like he plays hard,” though character is not a concern with the 19-year-old. Furthermore, the source also added the Indiana guard is “incredible at getting to the basket.”

And despite the fact Langford played with a torn ligament in his right thumb throughout the season, one NBA scout expressed he was still considered a top-five pick midway through 2018-19.

“I’m just a calm, quiet, laid back kid,” Langford said on a conference call after being selected by Boston. “I don’t really show too much emotion. I think that’s why people think — they may question my passion for the game or if I’m playing as hard as I should be, but I think that’s just the way it looks just because of how smooth I play and also how calm I am on the court.”

Then there’s Edwards, who elevated his game to another level in the NCAA tournament as part of Purdue’s run. But Edwards is susceptible to falling into slumps as a volume shooter. Prior to his three-game tear in Purdue’s push to the Sweet 16, Edwards had a 10-game stretch where he shot 31.5 percent from the floor and 24.7 percent from deep. And he jacked up 19.7 shots per game (slightly above his season average of 19.5).

Langford and Edwards have the potential to excel outside the slots they were taken, though it seems they could easily go in the other direction. Edwards at No. 33 is a worthwhile risk, no question. He was initially slated to go higher. But Boston cannot afford to miss out on Langford’s potential given the direction the Celtics appear to be moving in.

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