Celtics have reportedly had serious discussions with Rockets about Clint Capela

Celtics have reportedly had serious discussions with Rockets about Clint Capela

Although multiple reports indicate the Celtics will pursue a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis, a rumor has surfaced that Boston is looking at another big man. Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders reports the Celtics have “engaged pretty seriously on Clint Capela.”

The Rockets center is one of the better big men in the league and comes at a reasonable cost. Capela, 25, is locked up through 2022-23 and is owed most of the $90 million ($80 million guaranteed) Houston agreed to pay him over five seasons, prior to 2018-19.

Capela is a rim protector (1.5 blocks per game last season and 1.2 blocks per game each season since 2015-16) and cleans up the glass (10.8 rebounds per game in 2017-18 and 12.7 last season). He’s sufficient on the switch, too, and could become something more in Boston, where defense is (usually) a greater priority. (Let’s just say, after Capela and P.J. Tucker, playing D isn’t really the Rockets’ thing.)

Capela’s scoring average has increased each season (16.6 points per game last year), but he isn’t a dynamic offensive talent. He’s scoring from the inside and that’s it. That being said, he usually makes the shots takes (career 63.5 field goal percentage).

Now, why would the Rockets want to get rid of this guy? Especially since they just extended him for five seasons at a good price.

Well, Capela struggled against the Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals. His game didn’t translate against Golden State’s smaller lineups. Once again, it didn’t help Capela that team defense was a struggle for the Rockets.

And after what happened against the Warriors, the Rockets are a total mess. Head coach Mike D’Antoni was discussing an extension with the team, then those talks died. Then they sparked up again recently, only to end all the more quickly. So D’Antoni is a lame duck, and he’s without some important pieces from last year’s coaching staff after several assistants parted ways with the organization.

Meanwhile, everyone but James Harden has been made available as the Rockets try to reassess and find a way to finally beat the Warriors in the playoffs.

Ultimately, Capela would be a good fit for a lot of teams, the Celtics included (particularly if Boston doesn’t land Davis).

Going back to Kyler’s report, he also mentioned Boston has spoken to Terry Rozier in some capacity about a new deal. Danny Ainge recently expressed he could see Rozier returning in the right situation, even after the comments Rozier made on ESPN in mid-May. That could very well mean Rozier comes back if Kyrie Irving heads elsewhere.

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