Celtics have reportedly discussed Malcolm Brogdon as a target in free agency

Celtics have reportedly discussed Malcolm Brogdon as a target in free agency

In addition to their reported pursuit of Kemba Walker, Bucks point guard Malcolm Brogdon appears to be on the Celtics radar to help fill the shoes of Kyrie Irving. Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated is reporting the restricted free agent “has been discussed internally” by Boston. Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports also reported there is “chatter building” that Brogdon is a potential target for Boston, along with center Thomas Bryant and guard Tomas Satoransky.

The biggest reason Brogdon would be a fit for the Celtics, along with his ability to play the point: he’s 6-foot-5 with a 6-foot-10 1/2 wingspan. The Bucks were all about the switch on defense last season. Brogdon’s size and defensive abilities helped make that an option. The Celtics want to be able to do that, as well, but couldn’t do so effectively last season with Irving. It especially became a problem for Boston in the playoffs when teams would target Irving with the bigger, skilled players off the screen, taking him down to the block.

Walker, who is also a far superior defender to Irving despite being 6-foot-1 himself, is still the better player of the two. But if the Celtics are trying to add another player on a decent-sized contract, then Brogdon may be the guy. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski recently said he believes Brogdon is going to command $20 million or so a year.

Health is the major concern with Brogdon. He had a minor plantar fascia tear in his right foot last season. It wasn’t able to keep him out of the playoffs entirely, but he was sidelined from mid-March to early May in this year. Brogdon also missed two months in 2017-18 with a torn left quad tendon. So this guy is injury prone, to say the least.

Brogdon had his best season offensively in 2018-19. He shot 50.8 percent from the floor, 42.6 percent from deep and averaged 15.6 points per game — all career-best season averages.

Brogdon would be a solid fit for the C’s. Again, Walker is still better and would give Boston a star (2019 All-NBA Third Team). At the same time, if the Celtics want to add someone else or a couple role players, along with a top-tier point guard, instead of essentially using all of their projected $34 million-plus in cap space on one player, Brogdon may be their guy.

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