Celtics have nothing to fear about Cavs extending Kevin Love

Celtics have nothing to fear about Cavs extending Kevin Love

The Cavaliers have spent the money they had targeted for LeBron James on Kevin Love. The All-Star forward signed a four-year, $120 million contract extension with Cleveland Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst. The agreement, which nullifies Love’s player option at the end of next season, is worth a total of $145 million over five years.

With Love on board for the foreseeable future, the Cavs are positioning themselves to at least contend for one of the bottom Eastern Conference playoff seeds, especially if rookie point guard Collin Sexton builds off his impressive Summer League performance

That’s great news for the Celtics. While Cleveland might be semi-competitive on a nightly basis with Love in the mix for the long-term, there’s a definite ceiling to the success that Love can bring a team. The Timberwolves never finished above .500 when Love was there, despite him averaging 19.2 points and 12.2 rebounds per game over six seasons.

If the Cavs spend the foreseeable future hovering around .500, that means they won’t sink to the bottom of the East, lessening their chances to land a top draft selection. Owner Dan Gilbert, who reportedly wanted to see LeBron leave, has apparently opted to make a run at respectability. Though it may save him some embarrassment, it’s the wrong long-term play. Even the miracle of a lucky lottery ball won’t be able to propel the Cavs back to the top, at least for the next four years or so. 

This probably doesn’t matter to Love. He’s won his championship, and now it seems like he just wants to get paid. 

The Eastern Conference has retained another star. But the Celtics should not be worried. 

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